Quality through experience. From experts with a love of candles

We’re good at what we do – to the last detail: This is the motto under which the candle manufacturer Engels is standing by its high quality promise without compromise. And that means: Quality-assured resource selection to ensure optimal candle burning behaviour. Burn-out tested wicks to prevent soot as much as possible. Verification of all ingredients to protect your health and the environment.

The Lower Rhine master workshop is a member of the Quality Association for Candles, and an advocate for quality that stands out. Quality through experience – one of our pillars of success. Engels has long enjoyed its position as exclusive supplier to the Aachen Cathedral, and also supplies the Essen Cathedral: There is no better reference for valuable, long-burning candles.

As a modern brand company, Engels has mastered the challenge of staying true to the values of handcrafted art while consistently utilising the advantages of modern technology. Despite machine-based and partially automated production processes, the proportion of craftsmanship remains high – which is reflected directly in the aesthetics and high candle quality.

Candles by Engels are candles with character. Innovative, high-quality and unique candles bursting with creativity. Whether pressed, moulded or drawn. Whether dipped, coated or coloured throughout. Whether adorned by hand, or with a distinctively beautifully designed head. Or featuring an exclusive fragrance: Each candle by Engels is created by experts with a love of candles.