Motsi Mabuse

My daily feel-good moment with Engels candles

Not a day goes by without lighting a scented candle, pausing for a moment and relaxing - just for me. That's why my first collection of scented candles is now available. Together with the candle manufacturer Engels Kerzen, I took a virtual journey of inspiration to my home country of Africa and thus captured scents that for me represent Africa. The result is three fragrances: NATURAL VANILLA offers the comforting scent of spicy almond and sweet vanilla; SHINING AMBER seduces with a combination of resin, vanilla and sandalwood; and GOLDEN BERGAMOT enchants with bergamot and jasmine. The umbrella acacia symbolises my roots and connection with the unique nature of Africa. Natural materials such as wood and African traditional fabric patterns play an important role in my life and were the basis for the design: they represent the power and originality of Africa. When I travel, I always have a candle with me, because its scent brings me back to my roots and my home wherever I am.