Herbs in a Glass Jar with Wooden Lid

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A walk through the herb garden

Thyme, basil, rosemary - let the refreshing scents of these three popular kitchen herbs envelop your nose.

Our HERBS IN A GLASS range exudes delicate herbal aromas that make you long for summer and balmy nights in southern climes.

The glass candle jar with protective bamboo lid is available in three different hues of green with candle scents of thyme, basil and rosemary.

A delicate stylised herb print pattern adds the finishing touches to each glass. Once the candle has burned itself out, the glass can be kept and used to store kitchen herbs.

On a side note, the wax is made from a mixture of rapeseed and sunflower oils.


Colour - Scents:

Sage -Sage

Reed - Thyme

Bamboo - Basil

Spruce - Rosemary

More Information
Size Ø 8,5 x H 9 cm
Fragrance With scent
Packaging Unit 1 pc.